HEDRA runs international conferences online, on healthcare-related topics. Our online conferences are aimed at broadening the range of voices contributing to the professional understanding of healthcare experiences. Our online conferences connect people working across a broad range of academic, professional, clinical and artstic  fields to share experiences, responses, and insights. Conferences combine video keynotes with pre-recorded parallel sessions online, and live roundtable discussions. All submissions are eligible for publication. Fees are adjusted for participants in developing and transitional economies. All participants receive a signed certificate of participation.

To submit an abstract: 

  1. Please see our FAQ here and decide the type of abstract and presentation you will prepare
  2. Click on the “Submit Abstract” button on the conference page, fill in the information, and send Hedra your abstract
  3. Hedra needs 7-10 days to get your abstract peer-reviewed, and will then get back to you by email
  4. If your abstract is accepted, you must register and pay the fee – click the “Register” button on the conference page