HEDRA brings together academics, clinicians, caregivers, and people from business and industry who are working in healthcare-related fields. We aim to document and explore healthcare experiences of  different kinds from around the world, to improve healthcare delivery.


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HEDRA does not transfer its data to any other individual or entity. There are no other recipients of the data collected. HEDRA’s data  retention period is five years.


EU data privacy policy may be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/privacy-policy_en. Users of this website have data privacy rights, and may withdraw from using this website at any time. Users have the right to not have their data collected. In this case, do not tick the accept box. If a user does not wish to have their information collected, they should not use this website for payments, joining mailing lists, gaining blog access, or making inquiries. If a user wishes to make payments, join mailing lists, gain private blog access, or make inquiries, their personal information must be collected. The consequences of not providing this information is that users will not be able to complete these actions on this website.


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Inquiries or complaints about this privacy policy may be directed to: You can contact the Data Protection Officer Dr. CA DeCoursey at Gumpendorfer Straße 142, Grätzel 6 Mariahilf, 1060 Vienna, Austria EU, +359877800, inquiry@hedra.eu.

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