HEDRA organises research projects across a wide range of healthcare and healthcare communication topics, and in a variety of global contexts. Our goal is to generate rigorous and significant research gains. In particular, we want to connect the developed with developing world scholars, to improve our research understanding of healthcare issues. HEDRA cooperates with private and public universities, institutions, hospitals, clinics, and other organisations, and facilitates the formation of international research partnerships. Current project themes embrace the global pandemic as an experience shard by practitioners of many kinds as well as by patients. We are also interested in communication as a fundamental element of healthcare, the values instantiated in healthcare as a human practice and healthcare education, public health issues in global contexts, the digital interfaces in use by practitioners and patients, healthcare policy and the therapeutic uses of the arts. Current projects foreground qualitative data analytics, but we welcome interdisciplinary collaborations, and use multiple fields and methodologies to explore the human dimensions and experiences of healthcare. HEDRA affirms the principles and follows the principles of the Helsinki Declaration and the Belmont Report. We invite practitioners and researchers, masters and doctoral students, scholars working in new areas and citizen scientists to get in touch with us about participating in one of our current projects.

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