Academic Qualifications:

i. B. A. (Spl) 1961 V.R. College, Nellore S.V. University
ii. M. A. 1964 Department of English Nagpur University
iii. P. G. Diploma in the Teaching of English 1966 Department of English Nagpur University
iv. P. G. Research Diploma 1968 Department of Linguistics and Contemporary English Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
v. Doctor of Philosophy 1972 Department of Language University of York, York (England)


LL.B 1999 P.M.R. College and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College Osmania University


vii LL.M. 2004 School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education Kakatiya University
viii  Ph.D 2013 Law Nalsar Law University

Research Fellowships


CIEFL – 1966 – 1968

University of York 1968 – 1972

Senior Fulbright Fellow at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and the University of California (Berkeley) Feb – May, 1985.

Teaching and Research

Experience: 41 years

Total Experience as

Professor: 21   years

Administrative Experience

  • Warden of old P.G. Hostel, Osmania University: 3 years
  • Under Secretary, Union Public Service Commission: 1 year 6 months
  • Head, Dept. of Anthropological Linguistics, Punjabi University, Patiala : 3 years 9 months
  • Dean of Studies (English): 2 years
  • Director, CIEFL(now EFLU) Regional Centre, Lucknow. (2 years 9 months)

Important Publications:


  1. The Syntactic Patterns of

Telugu and English – A Study in Contrastive Analysis

CIEFL, Hyderabad (1970)


  1. Functional Stylistics:Theory and Practice

Indian Institute of Language Studies:Patiala (1982)


  1. The Linguistic Spectrum

Punjabi University : Patiala (1985)


  1. Semantic Theories and Language Teaching

(Co-author : Anvita Abbi)

Allied Publishers : Delhi (1985)


  1. Semiotics of Language, Literature and Culture

Allied Pblishers : Delhi (1999)


  1. Intermediate English Grammar :

An Interactive Approach

(Emesco : Hyderabad (2003)


  1. New Horizons in Functional Linguistics

Co Editor : SK Varma) Book Links  Corporation:

Hyderabad (1993)


  1. An Encyclopedia of the Linguistic Sciences

Allied : New Delhi (2007)


  1. Ramayanam (Sankshipta Valmikam) (In Telugu)(Emesco 2012)


  1. Arkbird Academic Dictionary (2012, co-edited with Dr. S.D.Subba Reddy)


  1. A Handbook of English Usage (Vijay Nicole Imprints,2013)


  1. Dr B.R.ambedkar the Jnanayogi(Emesco 2016)


  1. Sri Krishnayanam(in Telugu)(Emesco Telugu,2019)


  1. Jeevanmukti(in Telugu)(Emesco,2019)


  1. My Mother, Me and My Wife:A Cognizography in Rambling Realism(in Press)


Select Articles:

  1. “An Outline of the theory of Systemic Phonology”

IJDL VI : 24-42 (1977)

  1. Aspects of Sentence Phonology”

Archivum Lingusticum X57-82 (1979)

  1. “Aspects of Word Phonology” in New Developments in

Systemic Grammar (Eds)MAK Halliday and RP


Francs Printer : London 272-87 (1987)

  1. “NGP of NGP Constructions :

AStructural – Functional Study “in Meaning and

Choice in Language : Studies for Michael Halliday

(eds)M. Berry etal

Ablex Publishers : Newyork.

  1. “Metafuctional Profile of the Grammar of Telugu” in Language Typology:

A Functional Perspective

(Eds : Alice Caftaral, Jr. Martun and Christian  Matthiessen)

Philadelphia : John Banjamins

Publishing Company (2004)