Professor Diana Slade

Diana Slade, PhD (USyd), MA (U London), Grad DipEd (UniSA), BA (UAdel), is Professor of Applied Linguistics, and Director of the ANU Institute for Communication in Health Care. She is an applied linguist with extensive experience leading large interdisciplinary healthcare communication projects. She will drive research excellence in leading the project and will oversee and participate in the data collection and analysis and the development of the communication resources. Since 2011, Diana has led 19 cross-disciplinary research projects on healthcare communication across Hong Kong and Australia, including two large ARC Linkage grants. In the last five years her research outputs have included 2 books: Effective Communication in Clinical Handover – from Research to Practice (2016); Communicating in Hospital Emergency Departments (2015); as well as 21 refereed publications; and 52 presentations nationally and internationally.

Recent Publications:

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